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A1 *Organisation Name
A2 Organisation Address *Address 1:      
  Address 2:    
  Address 3:    
Telephone Number
A3 *Name of Contact Person
Contact Telephone Number
*Contact Email Address
Contact Address (leave blank if this is the same as the organisations address above) Address1:      
  Please leave blank if using Applicant address details Address2:    
A4 *What is your position in your organisation?
A5 *What is the legal status of your organisation?
A6 If Registered Charity, please give your charity number
A7 If Registered Company, please give your company number
A8 *In what year was your organisation founded?
B1 *Briefly describe the aims, objectives and activities of your organisation
(Maximum 1000 characters)
B2 *Please give examples of your recent achievements
Why are you the right organisation to carry out this work? (Maximum 1000 characters)
B3 *Is your charity part of a larger organisation.

Please give details
Is your charity financially independent of the larger organisation and how can you demonstrate this? (Maximum 250 characters)

B4 *What was your organisation's total annual income as shown in your last set of accounts?
B5 People in your organisation:      
Full Time
Part time
C1 *Purpose for which funds are requested
Project title / description of activity. (Maximum 150 characters)
C2 What is the start and finish date of your project?      
*Start Date
*Finish Date
C3 *Which of the Trust's priority areas are you applying under?
C4 Which geographical area will be served by this project/activity?

Only select from one of the two boxes below.

If you are applying for a Community Project or Special Needs Group under C3 above then please select a geographical area from this drop down list.
Please do not select from this box if you are applying for a Youth Development Project.
If you are applying for a Youth Development Project under C3 above then please select the geographical area from the drop down list which the majority of your beneficiaries will be from.
Please do not select from this box if you are applying for a Community Project or Special Needs Group.
C5 *What is the grant for?
C6 *What is the need for this work and how have you identified it?
(Maximum 1200 characters)
C7 *What do you want to do with the grant?
This should be a summary of the work you want to do including its main aims. (Maximum 1750 characters)
C8 *What organisations provide similar activities in your area and has the charity linked with these or other service providers?
(Maximum 800 characters)
D1 *Who will be the main beneficiaries of this project/activity?
D2 *Do the beneficiaries fall into any of the following categories?
D3 *How many people do you expect to benefit from this project in a 12 month period?
D4 *How many hours do you expect to spend with each beneficiary?
D5 *What do you want to achieve as a result of this work and what specific differences will it make to your intended beneficiaries?
(Maximum 1200 characters)
D6 *How will you evaluate whether your work achieved what it set out to do and is making a difference?
Please explain how you will assess the progress of the work against the results described in question D5. (Maximum 1200 characters)
D7 *How will you make sure that all your activities are open to people who might want to use them?
(Maximum 1200 characters)
D8 *Please confirm your compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998
D9 *Please confirm that all necessary Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks have been made on staff/volunteers
E1 *Total cost of the project
To the nearest whole £
E2 *Amount received so far
To the nearest whole £
E3 *Deficit to be raised
To the nearest whole £
E4 *Total amount requested from the Trust
The Trustees of the Sheldon Trust are willing to consider applications for funding of up to £10,000, when warranted. Multi-year commitments, up to three years, can also be considered.
E5 If the total requested is spread over more than one year please provide the amount requested for the first and subsequent years      
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
E6 *Please provide details of how any shortfall will be provided for if the amount requested in E.4 above is unavailable or this amount does not meet the full total required?
(Maximum 1200 characters)
E7 *Please give the account name which should appear on the cheque
Cheques can only be made payable to registered charities. If you are not a registered charity please click ? for further information.
Signed Annual Accounts
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Job Description
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